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A Mission For Language Acquisition

At Lakes International Language Academy, our mission statement specifically identifies "language acquisition" for our students. It's that important to us.

For students with previous language-immersion experience, including students who attended LILA Lower School Spanish or Mandarin Chinese programs, LILA Upper School offers subject-area immersion classes in those languages. Depending on our staffing, we may have Sciences, Individuals & Societies, Maths, or Arts classes available for continuing language-immersion instruction. We also offer language arts classes in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese for previous immersion students to build greater skills in grammar, reading, and writing in the target language.

For students without previous language-immersion experience, LILA Upper School offers fast-track language learning in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and French. Our instructors guide students to gain vocabulary, reading, and writing skills in the target language, encouraging self-paced language acquisition that meets or exceeds classroom benchmarks.

Why Does Language Acquisition Matter?

Globally minded citizens, which we guide LILA students to become, benefit from second-language skills as they learn to appreciate other cultures. Students with bilingual skills can travel in other countries with greater confidence; they can speak with immigrant shopkeepers with confidence. Research backs us up:
• Students who study a world language for just one year score an average of 38 points higher on the SATs. Students with four years of language learning showed scores that were more than a hundred points higher on average. 
• People who know two languages are nicer. According to a University of Cambridge study, bilinguals tolerate differences and find solutions to conflict better than monolinguals.
• An MIT paper found that bilinguals earn an average of $128,000 more over their working lifetimes than monolinguals.
Source: Middlebury Interactive.

More research comes out all the time that supports language learning. LILA is glad to be a leader in PreK-12 language acquisition.


Contact us if you have questions about language learning opportunities at LILA, especially if you are registering for classes at the Upper School.