Ski Club

In the past, Ski Club has met on Thursdays, with a bus leaving by 2:25 and returning around 7:15pm. Ski Club has been open to K-12 LILA students. Parent volunteers have run the club since the beginning (thank you!).

COVID has changed our plans for 2020-21. Because busing is limited to 25 total people per bus (including students and adults) and bus drivers are at even more of a shortage than last year, as well as the challenges of following COVID protocols while inside at Trollhaugen, we have decided not to offer an official LILA ski club this year. We are saddened by this but look forward to next year and feel it is the best for the safety of our community.

However, we are able to still offer the LILA discounted ski pass through Trollhaugen and Thursday is still “unofficial LILA ski night” if you want to come and meet up with your friends! There will be three weeks of beginner lessons provided in December for students 10+ years of age. Registration is required and space is limited for lessons. All registration/payment is done through Trollhaugen. Here is the registration form.

Questions? Visit our website: or send an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.