Payment Options At LILA

As a public school, LILA charges no tuition. You may be asked to pay for some services and fees for your student, however, such as meal services, field trips, camps, yearbooks, school-sponsored activities, and other “extras.”

Where & How To Pay

Where you pay depends on what the fee covers.

LILAPay For Field Trips, LILA-Sponsored Activities, Yearbooks, Etc.

LILAPay (powered by SmartSchoolK12) offers a secure portal for parents to login, register, and pay fees, plus submit any attached forms online, for field trips, LILA-sponsored activities, yearbooks, camps, and more. Note: LILAPay will NOT be used for community education, classes by private vendors (e.g., karate, scouts, yoga), or school lunches/breakfasts (meal payments should be made through the PayPams system).            

To Use LILAPay

Already have a LILAPay account?
Go to the homepage and click the LILAPay Store and Fees link (main menu). Click “Login” at the top of the screen.

New to LILA?
You will need to set up a new LILAPay account. Go to the homepage and click the LILAPay Store and Fees link (main menu). Select “Login,” then “Sign up.” Complete the required sign up steps. Finally, add the student to your LILAPay.

Need to add a student to a LILAPay account or manage your account?
Please click the link for account instructions.

Make Your Purchase
Choose your activities or other items, completing and signing electronically any required forms. Go to your shopping cart and complete your purchase. You will receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail that your payment has been received. You can also print out a receipt.

Onsite Meal Service (Hot Breakfast/Hot Lunch)

You may pay online using a credit card through PayPAMS was designed to provide parents with a safe and convenient way to prepay for student's meals online. Parents can set up automatic payment plans, view balances and account history, and receive automated notification on balance status. PayPams charges a small fee for the service. You may also pay for meal service at LILA’s drop box. Checks are payable to the meal service vendor: ISD 831 Food Service.

Drop Box At Our Front Lobby

LILA prefers credit card payments whenever possible, but for families for whom checks are the best or only option, you may drop off a check in person at either the Main Campus or the Headwaters Campus at the front lobby. Please put it in one of the envelopes provided and mark what fee you are paying on the outside of the envelope. This ensures you are properly credited. Note: LILA does not accept payment for school photos, community education, or classes by private vendors (karate, scouts, yoga, etc.).

Explorer Club / Little Explorers

Currently, the Explorer Club accepts payment by check in the drop box at the LILA front lobby or at the Parent Center at the care center site. For online options, please contact the Explorer Club directly.


Kinder Prep prefers payment by credit card, using LILAPay.

Forest Lake Community Education Programs

LILA hosts several community education programs at our facilities, but we do not accept payment for these optional activities. Please see the Forest Lake Community Education website for payment information.

Private-Vendor Services, Classes, And Activities

Some optional services, classes, and activities hosted at LILA are led by independent contractors who will accept your payment directly. For example, school photo packages are paid directly to the photography company. Scouts meet at LILA but their related payments usually go directly to the troop. Please ask about payment instructions when you sign up.

Donations To LILA, LILA PTO, Or LILA Foundation

We gratefully accept monetary donations. Checks can be made to Lakes International Language Academy, LILA PTO, or LILA Foundation, depending on your preference, and mailed to our main office: 246 11th Ave. SE, Forest Lake, MN. Please note on the memo line if the donation is designated for the school, the PTO, or the Foundation, and/or any specific purchase, grant, or event. Please contact us for any questions you may have about donations.

Because Lakes International Language Academy, LILA PTO, and LILA Foundation are registered nonprofit organizations, you may wish to consult with your tax advisor about deduction options.