Strong Financial Stewardship

Even before the school opened, Lakes International Language Academy worked diligently to ensure a strong financial foundation. Sometimes that meant we bought used equipment and asked volunteers for sweat equity. The chairs in the gymnasium? An incredible eBay deal, generously delivered here from across the country via a donation from a long-haul driver. Wow!

Over the years, LILA has traded in labels for equipment such as the playground sets and, significantly, we’ve won more than $1.6 million in grant monies. Along the way, we’ve also received generous donations from families and friends of the school.

Today, we still look to volunteers, donations, and grants to help reduce our expenditures. Moreover, the LILA administration relies on careful planning, frugal purchasing, and strict budgeting to stretch all of our revenue sources.

We're Committed To Responsible Financial Management

For more than a decade, LILA has annually received the School Finance Award from the Minnesota Department of Education, which recognizes public schools that achieve state financial compliance, have a positive fund balance, and demonstrate financial stewardship through board and administration attendance of finance training.

  • LILA has received a “clean audit” every year from independent auditors, the best opinion an independent audit firm can give.
  • LILA manages a balanced budget of over $9 million annually.

LILA Submits An Annual Financial Report To The Minnesota Department Of Education

Each year public schools are required to publish financial data about the previous and current years, to help the public be aware of financial standings. LILA, as a charter school who contracts out its food service and transportation, has a fairly small number of funds.

  • The General Fund is what LILA uses to meet the education needs of its students.
  • The Community Service Fund represents for-fee programs, like Explorer Club and summer camps.
  • The Fund Balance is what the school has accumulated in each of these funds over time; any net income for the year is added to the fund balance.

Audit reports for the previous fiscal year are available by November 30 each year. Click to read the Revenue and Expenditure Report.

The school audit reports and tax returns are available for viewing and electronically upon request. Please contact Chief Financial Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 651-464-8989 ext. 305.

Board-approved monthly finance reports are available on this website under School Board Minutes.