Co-ed Golf

Grades 6-12 (club) and 7-12 (team)

Season Starts Thursday, April 4th

LILA Golf Club and LILA Golf Team are currently available on FeePay! Please make sure you are careful to select the correct one. All participants will need a current sports physical on file. They are good for three years. 


 LILA Golf Club is $100 and is a recreational, learning based, non competitive club that meets on Monday and Thursday. The Club is open to 6th-12th grade. 
 LILA Golf Team is $180 and is a competitive team that meets on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. There might also be additional minimal costs involved at a later date if we go to a driving range (similar to those who have done softball or baseball and bring a few dollars with them for the batting cages, etc.). The Team is open to 7th-12th graders due to the fact that it is a MSHSL sport.
Practices for club and team at LILA Headwaters will go from 2:30-4:30 on Monday and Thursday. The team's additional practice on Tuesday will be 2:30-3:30. Once we are able to use Forest Hills, practices will be from 2:45-5:00. Note: There may be some times where the practices will go a bit later until 5:30 to allow the Team to get out onto the course more. Coaches will communicate this ahead of time.
We will practice indoors in the Headwaters gym until Forest Hills opens the course. Once we are at Forest Hills, students will need to wear a collared shirt and pants that are NOT jeans. They can't have any rips, tears, etc. in their pants either.  We will put together a group order or LILA Dragons polo shirts early on in the season for anyone who is interested in purchasing a school polo.

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