Girls' Soccer - Middle School

Girls' middle school soccer practices will officially start Wednesday, September 4th. However, both the middle school and high school girls' soccer players are welcome to attend captain's practices and before school practices with the high school team starting on Monday, August 5th. You can also check out this handout from the high school girls' soccer coach for more information. Go Dragons!

We are still trying to find coaching staff for our middle school girls' soccer team (6th-8th grade). We currently have a co-op team with NLA for our girls' Varsity soccer team (7th-12th grade). In the past we've had our own middle school girls' soccer team (6th-8th). We have two options for moving forward this fall and would like feedback from parents of girls who are interested in playing.

Option 1: Open a JV team and all 7th and 8th graders who wanted a more competitive experience would play up on the high school team (either JV or Varsity depending on skill level). With this, we would also open a 5th-8th grade developmental team that would practice twice a week and would be skills based rather than competition game based. They might have a scrimmage or two throughout the season but it wouldn't be like our current middle school soccer team that has 7-8 games against other schools and practice four days a week throughout the season. 

Option 2: Continue to look for a coach for our middle school team. Keep middle school girls' soccer 6th-8th grade with practicing 4 times a week and playing 7-8 games throughout the season. Keep the co-op with NLA for the high school soccer program and either just have Varsity or depending on numbers, open up a possible JV but less likely with the full middle school program open.  

Please let me know which option you would prefer based upon your child. From this information, we will decide whether to switch the current middle school program to a developmental program or continue to search for coaching staff for our standard girls' soccer middle school program that we have. We hope to make this decision in the next week or so. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Head coach: TBD 

WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR BOTH A HEAD AND ASSISTANT GIRLS' SOCCER COACH! Contact Jenni Muras if you are interested in applying. 





Cost: TBD