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Special School Board Election - Vote Now!

We need YOUR vote to appoint a teacher representative to replace Roberto Izquierdo on the LILA School Board due to his resignation (he got married and cannot serve on the board).

School board voting opens Oct. 10 and closes Oct. 20. It takes less than a minute to vote. You will receive an email from the election system. Please reply to it and cast your vote as soon as possible!

According to our bylaws, we must receive votes from 20% of the eligible voters (LILA parents and staff). Unlike other public schools, our charter school operates with a board of directors comprised of our own parents and teachers. The board depends on YOUR input. Show your school pride and vote now for either Ceci Delbene or Maria Velasco Ranz.

Read Ceci Delbene's candidacy information here.


Read Maria Velasco Ranz's candidacy information here.


Morning and Afternoon Traffic Reminders

We have had a great first week here at LILA! We hope you and your students are all adjusting to the new schedules and routines. Here are a few pertinent school reminders to keep this positive trend going along:



  • Morning traffic has been moving along very well!  Please consider arriving early to relieve car congestion just before our 7:50am start time. School doors open at 7:15am, and students may go to their classrooms at 7:25am.

  • Families using the morning church lot option: please do your part to help traffic and students move quickly and carefully. Students may walk independently to the school doors if they are able to do so responsibly, otherwise they will need to be accompanied by a parent.



  • Afternoon pick-up at the church lot should also move along quickly. As much as we value building community at LILA, we ask that you pick up your child(ren) and exit the lot as soon as possible to avoid traffic congestion and to thin the crowd of people at the east end of the property. Doing so will help to keep all students on-task and safe as they watch for their family members.

  • Walkers who need to cross 11th Ave. should do so at the crosswalk, where the flashing lights and crossing guard can assist in keeping everyone safe. Along with your signature on the walking form comes the responsibility to teach your child(ren) the best path home. Please make sure it is understood what is safe and acceptable. REMINDER: RIDING THE BUS IS THE SAFEST WAY HOME.

  • We ask that, as the temperature allows, you keep any pets inside vehicles. Animals can be quite distracting for students and make managing student safety difficult for staff.



  • 5th grade students may wait for their rides in the annex parking lot if they have a signed form. Younger siblings, however, may not cross to the annex lot, and should instead wait at the church lot with the 5th grade sibling.



Thank you for making our first week a success!  

Archery Club Registration For Grades 4-12 Opens

Join Archery Club for grades 4-12. Meet Fridays at the Lower School gym at the Main Campus from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., Sept. 23 to Dec. 16 (no class on 10/21 and 11/25). Cost is $50.

Note: This popular club has limited enrollment and usually fills by lottery.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply today! Deadline is Friday, Sept. 16.

LILA Test Dates For 2016-17

Please Note These Testing Dates

LILA meets all requirements for assessments as a Minnesota public school. We also administer some tests as a way to help guide our students' progress. Parents can participate in the process by ensuring their student has a good night's sleep prior to the test, eats a well-balanced breakfast, and comes to school on testing dates on time. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Executive Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Lower School) or Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Upper School). As the dates get closer, classroom teachers will keep families informed about specific test dates and times for each student. Together, we can help LILA students achieve their potential!


• Grades 3 & 4 NWEA Reading
This reading test is administered to establish an online reading score to help teachers choose appropriate instructional strategies.

November 14 – February 16

• Grades 3-8 & 10 OLPA Reading
• Grades 3-8 & 11 OLPA Math
These are Optional Local Assessments that give students a preliminary score for reading and math. These scores assist teachers in planning for classroom instruction and spring state tests. They also provide teachers and parents with online homework activities appropriate for each student.

March 28 – May 5

• Grades 3-8 & 10 MCA and MTAS Reading
• Grades 3-8 & 11 MCA and MTAS Math

March 28 – May 5

• Grades 5, 8, & 9-12 Science MCA

May 8 - 12

• Grade 9 Civics Test

April 17 – May 19

• Grades K-5 NWEA Math Survey
These tests are administered to track student growth for the math curriculum.